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What's New in Bento?

Plan Your Day

Each Bento box limits you to 3 tasks, helping to prioritise.

Following the Bento Methodology, we limit you to one large, one medium and one small task to help reduce task overwhelm and maximise achievement.


Save time by using pre-populated Bento boxes.

Ranging from daily shutdowns to monthly goals, pre-populated Bento boxes save you time creating boxes and gives you inspiration to get started. 


Apply a task order to help you streamline your attention. 

Allocating a workflow to each Bento box helps you to refine the order of your tasks. Our 3 workflows offer you flexibility for every box you plan, suited to all types and needs. 

Animated Themes

Collect all our animated sceneries, including dark mode.

Choose from a range of animated themes offering you impressive scenery and landscapes, including dark mode. 

Focus Mode

Zone in using one-task mode for better focus.

Channel your attention onto one task with Focus Mode. Start a countdown timer and focus in without any backlog or task lists distracting you. 

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