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Bento is a new app for picking three things that need to get done and then completing them.

The Bento app itself features six gorgeously animated themes and you can choose the one that sits best with you — or switch between them, whatever works! And yes, there are light and dark modes offered, too.
Bento’s leaders are pitching it as a methodology, not just an app.

It’s not necessarily about the to-do list; it’s about us. We tend to be naturally optimistic about the work we want to accomplish, leading to a messy, never-ending list of tasks.
There are countless to-do apps on both Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store, but there's never been apps in this category that have focused on the basics - the jobs that are most important for the day ahead. This is where Bento comes in.
The unique new app Bento takes a different approach to the usual to-do app by focusing on the most important tasks at hand. Designed as a complement to another to-do app, it helps you better prioritize what you need to accomplish.
In this interview, we talked about how to design your workflows to balance your energy levels, how limits can help you achieve more, the biggest challenges in personal productivity, why we should be more intentional with our to-do lists, how to go from task overload to true focus, and more.
You can’t talk about Bento without mentioning its design, which is just stunning! The animated artwork in the app is spectacular and goes a long way to getting you into the mindspace to do focused work.