Getting Started with Bento

February 21, 2019

Your ultimate guide to optimising the Bento app and method

First off, welcome to the Bento app.

We’re excited to have you here and show you around the Bento app and methodology. This is a helpful guide to all you need to know and everything you need to get started with Bento.

Just so you know, if you have any questions — you can always email Francesco direct: and we’ll aim to help out.

✅ 1. Choose Tasks

The first port of call is tasks.

It’s fair to say we have too many tasks on our lists. This isn’t the problem. Our attention to each task is the problem. With Bento, we recommend you pick 3 tasks for your day, this tends to be the optimum amount of tasks — not too little, and not too much.

So what about your 3 tasks? What should I choose?

As part of the Bento Method, we’d recommend 3 tasks — one large one, one medium one, one small one.

  • 🍣 A large task consists of a task that is 90+ minutes, with a need for deep focus — that means as little distraction as possible including meetings.
  • 🍚 A medium task consists of a task between 45–60 minutes, with a medium level of energy and focus, but not all your attention.
  • 🥗 A small task is an easy win consisting of a task up to 30-minutes, with a small task it can be an administrative task or a personal wellbeing time.

Limiting yourself to 3 tasks — broken into 3 compartments is a more relaxed way to approach a workday. With the goal of reducing task overload and improving chances of feeling successful at the end of a long workday.

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