How to Hyperfocus with Tasks

February 21, 2019

What Chris Bailey’s book “Hyperfocus” teaches us about tasks

Today, we’re going to explore how Hyperfocus teaches us to hone in on our tasks and what lessons we can apply to our daily to-do list.

A classic read from Chris Bailey’s productivity library comes “Hyperfocus”, a book exploring the realms of our focus and how it can impact on not only our work days but day-to-day habits.

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1. Our Own Attentional Space

One of the key theories Chris explores in Hyperfocus is “attentional space” — this is basically the energy it requires for your mind to focus/complete a task — like RAM in a computer — it’s the energy that tasks consumes.

“Task take different amounts of attentional space depending on their complexity” — Chris Bailey

He believes there are 2 core types of tasks in our day:

  • Habits — require little thought and minimal attentional space

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