How to Use Workflows in Bento

February 21, 2019

Manage your energy levels with workflows

Workflows in Bento are designed to help you balance your energy levels.

You can apply them to each of your boxes in the Bento app.

Why Workflows?

Ordering your tasks is a classic way to focus on what’s coming up in the day.

With the Bento app, we went a step further — allowing you to apply a workflow to each box, every time you create a new box.

We know that your energy levels can change day-to-day, and even the way we work changes year-to-year. So we’ve created 3 workflows that can be applied to your Bento boxes.

⚡️ Each workflow is designed to order your tasks.

Types of Workflows

You can apply any of these 3 workflows to a Bento box, and always change it by holding down your box in the Bento app.

⚡️ Choose the one that best suits your energy levels
  • 🐸 Eat That Frog is taken from the classic productivity book of the same name by Brian Tracey — with this workflow, you focus on your most important task first (🍣 large) move onto (🍚 medium) and finishing with your (🥗 small) task.

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