A New Way to Prioritise
with The Bento Methodology

Introducing a mindful framework called the Bento Methodology — for doing less, but more meaningful tasks across your work & life.

We Designed a Methodology

We believe in rules over tools. That's why this course is all about implementing the Bento Method into your daily life, whatever tools you use.

Inside this course, we will unpack how to leverage the method to avoid overwhelm and focus on what really matters through the three main bento concepts:

🎒 Pack
How to pack your Bento box

🌿 Flow
How to best manage your energy

🎯 Focus
How to narrow your attention

Explore the Why

🎒 Pack

Choosing your tasks is difficult. The Bento Methodology has a unique approach to packing your "Bento box" - using a traditional lunch box system. This will help you address the key self-fulfilling death spiral of overwhelm.

🌿 Flow

Our changing energy levels are often unconsidered, whether that be during our day or across a week. Matching our tasks to our energy can make the difference between a highly productive goal-focused period or an unsatisfying string of low-quality outcomes.

🎯 Focus

We all know that focus is important, but how can you utilise the Bento Methodology philosophies to enable even more effective focus sessions?

What's Inside the Course?

🌿  Less Task Overwhelm

🎥 15+ video lessons

🍱 5+ Pre-Built Bento Templates


♾️ Lifetime Access

💸 30-day Refund Policy

💡 Course Upgrades & New Templates

🌿 INCLUDED: Todoist, Notion, ClickUp, and More... 

Embed Bento into popular apps like Notion, Todoist, Asana, Evernote, Things 3, and more.

The best way to follow the Bento Methodology is one of two ways. Using our pre-built companion app for iOS (coming soon to Android) or the pre-built templates package you can buy today.

📱 Ultimate Companion: The Bento App

The most optimised place to use Bento. Designed by the team with stunning animated backgrounds and zen feel for creating your Bento boxes. Not included in the course, available to purchase for $5.99.

🎊 What People Think of Bento

Listen to folks already using the Bento Methodology every day for their tasks

🍱 "Bento is a fantastic addition to my new workflow" - Sam
✅ "The three-level to-do list is perfect and really helps you get much more done and feel better while doing it. Not only that but you feel more relaxed because you feel better able to manage your day and time and get everything out of it" - Tyler Thomas
🙏🏽 "It's a great way to segment your tasks into digestible bites to make you feel much less task overwhelming. - Matt Bomarr
Discover the benefits of re-imagining how to think about your task list